Why Amateur Football Clubs Should Use Social Media

As the world has changed due to technology, the conventional ways of doing almost everything have changed. This technological revolution has affected nearly all aspects of our lives, which has made big companies to change their approach of branding themselves in front of the people. One of the biggest platforms that have come out of this revolution is social media. People use social media to be updated about all the happenings around the world, to promote themselves and their products, and for all other different kinds of things. From movie stars to sports Superstars to politicians, everyone uses social media to reach the masses.

Amateur Football Clubs
Amateur Football Clubs

Bigger Reach

In this race to reach out to their fans on their smartphones and laptops, even football clubs are not far behind. Some of the top football clubs have millions of fans on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These numbers on social media have raised the market value of the football clubs to a whole new level. The more significant number of followers means a more extensive reach and bigger sponsor deals. It is not just the clubs, but the players have also grabbed this opportunity to attract more brand deals. Some players even have their brands as a result of social media popularity.

More Revenue

Even though the TV broadcast is still the primary source of revenue for the club’s sponsors, but social media is catching up fast on it. Some of the top European leagues have started to broadcast their matches on Facebook and other online platforms. With everything going digital rapidly, we’re not far from the day when social media will become the primary source of revenue for the clubs and the sponsors. Around 25% of the income of sponsors comes from social media at the moment, which is not a small number by any means.

The Power of Instagram

Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most likely to be the top social media platform for promotions. The youth love to show off their lives on Instagram, and it is one of the fastest-growing social media sites. Anyone who has more followers on Instagram is considered to be the global icon by the youth. No other platform today is influencing the young generation like Instagram when it comes to style and fashion. So, any club who has more followers on Instagram is likely to get big brands to sponsor them. Football clubs can also cash in their social media popularity by broadcasting the off-field life of the club and the players.

Social Media allows the clubs to get closer to the fans. One of the best ways to increase the social media following is by having the best players in your team. The top 3 clubs on Instagram today are Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus. All of these clubs have the best players in the world, like Ronaldo and Messi. When Ronaldo joined Juventus last year, it had around 8 million followers. Today it has more than 30 million followers making it the third most followed club on Instagram. The club also generated significant revenues by selling merchandise on the arrival of the most followed person on Instagram, that is, Cristiano Ronaldo.