The Basics of Amateur Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Kids in many parts of the world start playing football at a very young age, probably when they don’t even know the name of the sport. Maybe because kicking comes naturally to humans. When they grow a bit older, they start playing proper football and get familiar with the technicalities of the game. Both individual technicalities and team strategies are crucial for a team to do well. Let’s take a look at some of the basics of Amateur football.


The defensive line of a team generally depends on the speed of the opposing players of the group. The slow defense should not have a high defensive line, as the attacking line of the opposition team can open up the defense with a lob over the defensive line. Also, it’s not only the speed of the defense, on which the line of defense depends, the quality and speed of the other team also play a very crucial role. If the opposing team are excellent in attack, then a deeper line works well. The thing about playing a deeper line is that there shouldn’t be much pressing on the front line, as it can give ample space to the other team, and also tires the players.


The quality of a midfielder is defined by the speed and disguise with which he can change the play. The midfielders always set the pace of the game. The top midfielders in the world always seem to be able to find the perfect pass, remain calm when crowded by the opposition players and switch the way of playing whenever the team requires. They are the link between the defense and attack. The midfielders have to play both kinds of roles according to the situation of the game. They can attack if the team is trailing, and can help the defense in holding up the lead whenever the team is up. All the top teams in the history of the game have always had a great midfield.

Controlling the ball

Controlling the ball is the most fundamental technique in football. No matter which position you play in, if you can’t control the ball, you’ll always be in danger of committing a mistake at the crucial time of the game. Once you get confident about your control on the ball, then passing is the next step. Great players always know their next pass in their minds even before they get the ball. They read the game situation and then pass the ball. The seconds that they save in already knowing what to do next eventually end up being the difference in the game.

Controlling the ball
Controlling the ball


The strikers of the team depend on the services they get from the midfield to score the goals. The quality of the crosses is paramount in the attack, a few feet here and there make all the difference. Also, the understanding between all the forward players is crucial. They switch their positions to confuse the opposing defenders and get away from their marker. And shooting the ball precisely away from the goalkeeper is the fundamental of being a striker.