Qualities to Look For When Recruiting for a Football Club

Football fans around the world keep wondering about the attributes that differentiate the best players from the rest. All the players playing at the top level are undoubtedly good football players, but every football generation has some players who stand out. Some people argue that it’s god gifted talent that they’re born with, which makes all the difference.

If you look at the history of football, there have been some amazingly talented players who couldn’t reach the level of greatness. And then some weren’t the most gifted players but attained the status of the legend of the game. So, there is no proven formula of knowing which player is going to be a legend. Though there are specific attributes which almost all the great football players have, that football clubs should look for while recruiting new players.

Technical Ability and Lateral Thinking

When you watch a football match, you can easily pick out the best player on the field even if you don’t know anything about the players. It is not because of the way they look, but because of their technique. Proper technique makes the player look effortless and more impactful. The method of a player primarily includes the control of the ball, dribbling with pace, and right movements on the field. Ball control means the ability to collect passes easily and manipulating football according to the play. Dribbling is one of the most basic footballing techniques which players learn from a very young age. But it is the pace which when combined with dribbling makes all the difference. Without speed, you won’t be able to run past the defenders. Precise movements on the field include actions on the ball and off the ball. Even if you don’t have the ball, you must still be able to invite defenders towards you, so that your teammates can enjoy the space.

Mindset Required on Field

You can have all the technical ability in the world, but with the right mindset, you won’t be able to make the most of your talent. The right mindset is essential to do well in any professional field, but in sports, it is even more critical. At the top-level football, mental toughness is a must to get better of your evenly matched rivals. The hunger to achieve success is another aspect of the right mindset. When you reach the top level, you’ve already made enough success that sometimes it can be hard to give your everything. Also, any team would love to have a player who wants to learn and keep improving his game. You’re always a student when it comes to football.

Team Comes First

A player should always know that everything he does on the football ground during the game is for the team. Personal milestones are crucial but not on the stake of the team’s success. Sometimes a player puts his goals and achievements above the group. Nobody remembers any performance if it comes in a losing cause. There are several examples in history when a player’s name wasn’t on the score sheet, but the performance still became memorable. When a team recruits a player, they expect him to be available for the majority of the matches. Without proper fitness, you’re always in danger of getting injured. The game has drastically changed over the last few years. Now whatever you do off the footballing pitch reflects on your performance on the pitch.