Best Football Clubs in Ireland – Part 2

Often when talking about football clubs, fanatics have their own pet peeves that they refer to when talking enthusiastically about the sport. The greatness and the success of the club has a lot to do with the cultural influence the game has on the country and their performance on the world circuit. In Ireland, the Waterford Football Club is one of the greats who have been around since the 1930s. Therefore, obviously, they are one of the favs that have stuck through time and changes in the sporting culture. They are part of the Irish Association and are based in Waterford. In 2017, the club topped the first division in the Irish football league. Their win gave them a firm place in the premier association for 2018. The greyhound stadium is where they began their training back in the day but then moved their base to the Waterford Sports Centre.

Best Football Clubs in Ireland -
Best Football Clubs in Ireland –

The History of The Waterford Football Club

The club premiered in the 1930-31 season of football in Ireland. They were placed ninth in the tournaments, they tried the consecutive year again, and with the same placement, they decided to drop out for two years and concentrate on their performance and training levels. Their break from the tournaments helped the players to strengthen their forte in the sport and perform well thus giving them a big win against the Sligo Rovers in the 1935-1936 season along with the prized shield of the tournament.

Their successes just kept piling, and the club also won the FAI Cup in 1937 against St. James Gate. The only club that was able to stand against the wins of Waterford Club was Cord United. The clubs began playing neck to neck in their games and Waterford only lost because of reasons that were never related to gameplay. After 1941, the first team of players who founded the Waterford FC resigned. Their success was taken over by a new and refreshed team that was just as good and were able to keep the name of their predecessors. They might not have performed well as expected in the first few seasons but soon gained momentum and began winning shields.

Waterford FC Today

In the year 1982, the club changed its name from Waterford to Waterford United. They hired a new manager to look after the team because of the rise of football clubs in Ireland. The premier league was split into division one and two to be able to handle the massive growth in the clubs and efficiently manage their competing levels. The new and improved inclusion of the premier league classes was not kind on the team, and their performance dropped considerably, and they were never able to et their prized shield in the premier division till 1992. Finally, in 1992, their performance was upped, and they managed to secure the runners up spot against Limerick.

However, their performance was very scattered, and over the years, their performances dropped and rose sporadically. Managers changed, players changed, but the club was never able to hold the league shield for too long again. However, their play has been steady over the years, and they have managed to give their opponents a good competition also. Their blue identifies the club with white trim in their uniforms since 1930.